Saturday, August 18

Our Family Grows

God brought Chuck to America, saved his soul and introduced him to us on campus soon after his salvation.  Chuck came to our Bible studies at FIU and grew in his faith.  He asked many good questions, took many notes, and frequently told classmates about his faith.  Coming from a broken home, he was also keenly interested in our marriage.

Suddenly, through a twist of politics in education and visas, he had to return to China last Fall with little notice.  Chuck was in the midst of applying to transfer to a Bible college and so it broke his heart to be forced to go back home.  His attitude was in the right place though, and he left, believing God knew what He was doing.

He got involved immediately in a church in China where met a young lady who was serving there while studying the Chinese language. Together, they served and grew to love each other.  Last week they were married in the U.S. and we had the joy of reuniting with Chuck last night-- and meeting his bride, Sarah.

Chuck told us that he has already 'shared some marriage advices' with his wife that we had taught him along the way. They have both already made a spiritual impact in the lives of Chuck's unsaved family.

Chuck will continue his Bible training in another state and so, although he has truly left our 'nest', we have gained another sweet girl into our growing family.  One that is beginning to make an impact for Christ around the globe. We pray that God will speed Chuck and Sarah on their way, back to China to serve God among his people.

To God be the glory!

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  1. How wonderful that Chuck's faith in God was so bountifully rewarded, even though he was disappointed to have to return to China at the time. What a lovely, joyful young couple!


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