Friday, August 3


This week we have seen many little reminders of just how blest we are.

We had the honor of gathering with a body of believers in Kansas early this week.

They have prayed for and supported us for many years as we serve in Miami.  We were able to worship with them on Sunday and give them a personal update of our ministry at FIU.

We then drove to Iowa, where the missionaries who serve with BMM in North America gathered for our enrichment conference.

We are sharing the Good News and planting churches in regions that include where university students, native Indians, Mormons, and Jews gather in the U.S. and Canada.

We were reminded of practical life-applications in the life of Moses through the able teaching of Scripture of Dr. Gary Anderson.

We were blest to hear Godly music coming from the heart of friends in area churches,

through missionary women who serve around the country,

and through the hands and hearts of the missionary children.

The missionary pastors also reminded us of God's blessings through song.

I was reminded how easy it is to be an encouragement to others in the women's session.

Sharon Gutwein graciously exhorted us to take attention to the important aspect of lifting up sisters in Christ through simple, but intentional encouragement.

I was reminded how blest I am to have older, Godly women in my life.

We were reminded there is still time to honor those to whom honor is due, when we publicly thanked Norma for her passion for God.

Norma has served 52 years of her life pointing those in the inner-city of Cleveland, OH. to Jesus. She has been an instrument in God's Hand to begin Bible studies, discipleship, medical ministries, and practical help that has brought many to Christ and a church body established.

I was reminded of the blessings of little ones,

and the importance of taking time to invest in their lives.

We were blessed to meet face to face to carry out business and plan for the coming year in our specific field of Campus Bible Fellowship.

I was reminded how blest we are to have friends who have also given their lives to serving God with university students. It was a blessing to linger with those who understand the details of what we do and how to encourage our hearts.

All the missionaries serving on university campuses took an evening for an impromptu birthday party for all of us.

We made or bought cards and found simple gifts with what we had on hand and rejoiced in the life God has granted each of us this year.

We were reminded how sweet Christian fellowship is after not seeing each other for more than a year.

How blest were are to have fathers and daughters-- and watch the love between the two as they raise their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

We were blest through listening to one another and reminded of God's goodness and protection as stories from each field of ministry were shared.

As we left the state of Iowa today and drove through the farmlands, I was reminded how blest we are to have water for daily use,

for creative people harvesting the natural resources God has provided,

for ways to raise better crops, such as this crop duster,

and for the blessing of food provided by our Maker.

When we passed this huge cross along our journey today, I was reminded of the blessing of the glorious Gospel, how it has changed my life, and the freedom I have in this country to tell others of the Savior.

I also have to say how blest I am to have a husband who loves our Lord and that I can serve along side of him.
What reminders of God's blessings did you notice this week?

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  1. I was blessed to have a really long phone chat with my sweet daughter. I was blessed by the helpfulness and cheerfulness of my son. I was blessed by my husband's sense of humor and by the like-mindedness we share. I was blessed by my Bible study in the book of Hebrews, a book I used to find daunting, but now the Lord is opening up some of its riches to my heart and mind.


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