Saturday, September 8

God at Work

For ten years I have been trying to build a meaningful relationship with three Latin ladies who work at FIU. I have had them in my home and my burden for them grows deeper each semester.  

I stop in their office frequently, visit for a few minutes, and express my interest in their lives.   We try to have lunch together once a week where more meaningful conversation can be had.  It is here that most of our spiritual conversation happens. Leading them gently to the Savior has been a very slow process but God is working.

Last year He added another friend to the circle; a young lady who works in a separate office.   A__ is also Latin and a gifted artist.  Her work is mostly on the dark side though and it is difficult for me to look at it without a heavy heart. She and I have talked openly of her work and A__ admits it comes from the depression within herself.

This week at lunch A__ brought some finished art for us to see (something I can share with you).  These birds are carrying their home (nests) with them as they swoop through the sky.

I am seeing a change in her-- and her art.  She is a good listener and has been more open to spiritual discussion in recent days.  When you pray for us, pray for A__ that she will come to know the Light-giver Who can change her dark world.


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