Thursday, October 11

Just Lovely

The weathermen predicted cooler weather today.
      There were correct.
It only reached 88*, the humidity was less, and there was no rain today.
In addition, we had a lovely breeze and the day was filled with intensely blue skies.

I spent the day on campus where I noticed everything and everyone seemed to rejoice in the loveliness of the day.

Dozens of turtles were sunning themselves at the edge of a pond.

Some couldn't resist a swim.

Students, just finished with an exam, enjoyed watching them frolic in their typical turtle ways.

It is major test time so students were cramming, but doing it outside.  I had to smile at the three different highlighters stuffed in the fists of this girl. 

The flowers and trees looked extra lovely in the beauty of the day,

The Neoregelia never cease to make me wonder at the glory of God-- 
the Master-painter of flowers.

 One of my favorite trees on campus is blooming again.

Even the water drops from one of the fountains seemed to rejoice.

 Only God could bring forth such a lovely day!

Know this day, and consider it in your heart, 
that the Lord Himself is God 
in heaven above and on the earth beneath; 
there is no other.  
Deuteronomy 4:39 

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  1. Gorgeous photos of God's creation in Florida! Here in Indiana, we are enjoying the beautiful leaves of the trees changing to their autumn hues!


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