Friday, October 19

Seen on Campus

Daniel Webster speaks of it as workmanship and expression of skill to be appreciated primarily for its beauty or emotional power.

There is quite a bit of art sculpture around FIU.  This piece has been here for many years and greets all who enter the campus at one of the main entrances.  
I call it the Orange Noodles.

I know, I know-- pasta isn't orange, nevertheless, it reminds me of pasta noodles.

'Marty's Cube' was placed here many years ago and can be easily spun around with a little effort.  You will see students spinning it a lot around mid-term and finals week because campus folklore says that spinning the cube will make one get a good grade on the exam.

Often, there will be a plaque nearby naming the piece.  This one is named 'Maverick'.  (It makes me think of dragonfly eyes.)

Sometimes sculptures are on loan and we only see them for a period of time such as this tree.  All sculptured art must be secured and tied down before a hurricane approaches Miami.

In the past two weeks there has been a rash of new sculptures appearing on campus.  None of them have visible names yet.  Can you think of any great titles for them?

Even if you do not connect with this type of art, it is a wonder to see the abilities God has given man to express himself by crafting, doing so with skill and knowledge of tools.

This piece, 'Journey's End', was fashioned by an Israeli artist.  It is not new, but is still my favorite sculpture on campus. Whenever I pass this boat I think of Jonah... even though the boat Jonah fled from God on did not sink.  

'Journey's End' and the sculpture below are the only two on campus that bring Scripture to my mind.  It is called 'Fire Tree' and puts me in mind of the burning bush in Exodus.

There is still something very special about God's art though.  This Royal Poinciana Tree on campus gets magnificent red blossoms on it every summer but I love it even when it is plain green.  It is a powerful show of God's hand.

Perhaps Daniel Webster was thinking of God when he defined art with such words as 'workmanship', 'skill', and 'beauty' that draws emotion.

But as for me, I would seek God,
And to God I would commit my cause- 
Who does great things, and unsearchable,
Marvelous things without number.  
Job 5:8–9


  1. I decided to play a little game with your photos, and I wrote down the first thing that came to my mind for each of the unnamed sculptures you included. Some of my names/titles won't make any sense, probably, but nevertheless, I am going to tell you what popped into my mind! :) Here they are in order:

    "Around the Globe"
    "The Lumpy Family"
    "Outdoor Room"

    I had fun!

  2. What a wonderful post, Sandra. Not the kind of thing we ever see where we live, although we do see a lot of God art. My favorites of the human art are the 4th one, which I'd call "Roots", or "Bad-Hair-Day", the Red Crown, and the rusty one with tendrils.

  3. Connie-
    Thanks for visiting. I so enjoy looking at God's art in your part of the country. Thank you for posting it on your blog. One day I must come see it for myself. :)


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