Saturday, October 6

Tell Me More

This week has been in the high eighties and into the nineties, so we are really having to stretch to think about the wonderful season called Autumn!  (:

It has been raining a lot here,

... so we have been dashing about campus dodging raindrops and lightning, laughing as we tiptoe through puddles under umbrellas that only manage to keep the top few inches of our bodies dry.

   Ahhhh, rainy season!

Some of our readers asked to "tell me more" on a recent post I wrote about four ladies God has placed in my life.  Developing a meaningful relationship with them has been long and slow, but God is allowing more opportunities to share His sweet Name with them each week.

Recently, they asked if I would bring something for them to do on their lunch hour while we eat lunch together.  They enjoy crafts, so I brought a suitcase full of supplies along with my lunch bag.  I taught them how to make the little 'blessing baskets' that I taught my church friends at the women's retreat last month.

I loved seeing the individual ways they expressed themselves through ribbon, tape, and paper.

I also enjoyed being able to provide an hour of relaxing and setting the tone for meaningful conversation.

Each of them thanked me when it was time for me to leave, expressing their gratefulness for a friend who would bring all 'that stuff' so they could learn something new.

God continues to give me moments of pointing them clearly to the Savior; one has come to church with me and brought her son as well.

Thank you for praying for my special friends.  I long to call them 'sisters'.

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  1. I believe that the day will come when they will be our sisters in the faith. You have forged bonds with these four ladies with God's help. I am sure the Holy Spirit is doing His work in each heart!


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