Monday, November 5


Today I was able to be back on campus and enjoy a full day discipling and leading Bible studies for some of my daughters in the faith.  We had a great day!

This is Susan-- or as I affectionately call her--my Black-Eyed Susan.

Susan grew up in Brazil and knows Portuguese and Mandarin fluently; Spanish quite well, and English... a little.

We are studying God's truths inch by inch with the help of this book.  We are going inch by inch because I have to teach her the meaning of many English words before we can explore the depths of them in Scripture... since I cannot speak Portuguese, Mandarin, or Spanish.
"Lies Women Believe" has been a helpful tool on our journey to become women who understand God's desire for our lives.

Another sweet daughter I love to teach is Stephany.  She recently won a prestigious award for her Thesis on bees, but her heart-passion is to know more about Jesus.

Today Stephany brought Isabella, her four year old daughter to campus.  It was our first time to meet.  Isabella and I had very important grown-up conversations... dogs, eye-color, coloring in the lines, etc. before and after the Bible study.

Isabella quietly (for the most part) sat and colored next to us while we explored the Biblical truth that Jesus is God's Son.
Stephany walked away with a better understanding of this Father-Son relationship:  I walked away with a new friend. :)

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  1. That book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss is a life changer! It's great that you are going through it with your daughter!


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