Thursday, November 8

Doing What?

Such a beautiful day here on campus... only reached into the low 70's.

But wait... why are all those students at the edge of the pond?

No, they are not skipping class.  In fact... this is class!!

Students in the School of Architecture had to make devices to walk on water.
Boat foam, fiberglass, resin... and duct tape were some favorite choices for construction.

Today was the 23rd annual Walk On Water demonstration here at FIU-  and the pond was surrounded by people waiting to catch a glimpse of the action.  The rope stretched across the pond is the finish line.

All 40 teams (2 students per team) were announced with their brilliant names-- Red-hot Oompa-Loompas, Bonnie and Clyde, Walking With Jesus, and other 'insightful' self-ascribed titles.

Get ready,

Get set,


A lot was at stake for these students: 
First one to reach the finish line received $500.
Crossing the finish line guaranteed you an 'A' on your project,
and entitled you to skip the next exam in class.

Hmmm, somehow falling into the water at the starting line doesn't seem the best strategy for getting that A.

I really do not know how they managed to propel themselves through the water.

"Let's see... is this the way to the finish line?"

"NO? Maybe I better turn around."

C'mon class... you can do it!

"Maybe walking sideways will get these green dragons to that rope."

These two students fought hard to get off the starting line but could do little but go backwards in the same spot for quite some time.   That 'A'  is harder to grab than first meets the eye.

Some chose to slip their feet into sandals attached to their floating walking shoes; some chose boots, cemented in with spray foam.



("Oh! that is what these life jackets are for!")

Let's go Miss F.O.R.C., that rope is on the other side of the pond.

"Just a few more feet you green dragons; I want to forgo that next exam, even if I have to get to the finish line backwards!"

 I seriously doubt Jesus had to concentrate this hard when He walked on water.

Watch 'em in action in this video. 

I wonder if God was amused today watching His creatures trying to do something they were never created to do.


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  1. All I can say right now is "Hmmmm!"


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