Thursday, November 15

Family Night

With just a few weeks left in this semester, the students are definitely showing some wear and tear.  They wanted a day away from the books, so Michael suggested bowling.

We gathered at the alley, donned those silly looking shoes, and made a family night with some of our kids.

 V__, who just celebrated her first spiritual birthday, is always a delight to have around with her profound questions and desire to learn more about the Bible.

P__ just showed up at Bible study one day and has continued attending this semester.

E__ is very new to our CBF family and we are getting to know him and his spiritual needs.  Both guys were quite good at bowling and brought a joyful dynamic to our family night.

These two have been friends long before college days, do many things together, and are quite the pair!

One would straddle the lane while the other threw the ball... hoping to get good results at the gathering of pins.

When that didn't work as well as they hoped, they giggled a lot and tried to focus.
Not surprisingly, they did not make high scores, but had a very happy time.

The time away from the books, the fellowship, and dinner afterwards was good for all of them.

Counting our blessings is not difficult with a family like this!

Blessed be the Lord, 
Who daily loadeth us with benefits, 
Even the God of our salvation. Selah
Psalm 68:19


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