Friday, November 23

Thanksgiving Joy

"Hey Pearl... you have two crows on your hat!"
"I know Willy, I'm not the best of scarecrows.  Guess they'll just have to go to dinner with us."
"Where are we goin' this year?"
""Mike and Sharon's... I hear they have tons of fun on Thanksgiving."

"Do you think they will mind if two simple scarecrows from farm country join them Pearl?  I hear they have exotic people from around the world at their table."
"No, Willy, they won't mind-- besides, I think we might pass as exotic in the tropics of Florida... ya' think?" 

"Oh, look Pearl!  Tom and Tina are here too!"

"And the table is all set... let's go meet the family, Willy!"

"Anna is from Russia- I heard she has met U.S. farm-folk and already really likes them.  Maybe we can become good friends with her Willy.  Rey and Tania are from Cuba. They brought their son, Little Man.  The two girls in the middle, Wen and Lulu, are from China."

"Pearl!  Little Man brought his Legos.  Do you think he will let me play with him?"

"I think he might-- he is such a sweet boy, but you might have to wait until Wen finishes; I don't think she has ever seen such toys in China."

"Well, Sharon put chopsticks by the plates for the Chinese girls but I don't think his parents have ever seen chopsticks either.  Look at them trying to pick up grains of rice."

" Everyone has had such fun today, Pearl.  I am thankful you talked me into coming."

Yes, Willy, and I am really stuffed with sweet potatoes and pumpkin cheesecake.  We just may have to invite ourselves again next year."

Count your blessing everybody!!
 Pearl and Willy

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