Friday, December 7

Snow... sort of

SNOW!  forecasted for our neighborhood tonight.

Everyone was eagerly awaiting the first flakes.

Two of our students enjoyed the balmy skies, visiting as the first flakes blew in.

Ahhhh.... snow!

Our neighborhood park was the host of a 'snow party' for the children.

Looks like a real blizzard.

The ice/snow piles were a real treat for the children.  (imported in from somewhere!)
   Most all the children as well as their parents had never seen snow before.

There were rides for the little guys... conveniently in a corner of the park with no snow storm.  :)

Another corner of the park hosted a bit of The Nutcracker Sweet-  Latin style.

But Little Man was glad to see Mike appear on the scene with a fresh pair of dry gloves for his wet, freezing Cuban Hands.

We giggled a lot as we watched children run in the green grass and play on the ice mound.

Hope you can come again next year.  Be sure to wear your flip-flops!


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