Saturday, December 1

Tropical Harvest Party

It seemed only fitting that on the last official day of rainy season that it should rain.
The day began with rain and ended late at night with a good 'ol downpour, but all the hours in between, it rained not one drop... an answer to prayer.  In fact, the entire week was filled with answered prayer in regard to our Harvest Party.

Most of our CBF students know little of the culture of American harvest time and the celebration that surrounds it.  As we sought to introduce them to the joys of God's goodness and bounty at harvest time, we found it quite a challenge in the Tropics:
   Not much is harvested at this time.
    Pumpkins are scarce.
    It isn't cold.
    All but one or two had never eaten a s'more.
    Never heard of apple cider.
   Hay ride... what is that?

Come see what God did for our tropical Harvest Party!

*  Friends from all over the world to join the celebration (including China, Ecuador, Syria, Spain, Dominican Republic, America, the Netherlands, Jamaica, Cuba, Peru, Nicaragua, and more)

*  A fine cook for the hot dogs.

* Married students who brought their families along.  (This darling helped Kitty pose for a picture.)

 *  Good food, including homemade chili, apple cider (after much looking and lots of prayer), pumpkin bread, appreciative smiles.

*  Cool weather - (okay... 72 degrees isn't too bad!)

*  Two pumpkins for our pumpkin patch- a last minute answer to prayer.

*  The pumpkin rolling race was exciting, but wait....

you have to be blindfolded first!

*  Helpful team members to help guide you through the night

*  God's provision of baby pumpkins so the little ones could have their own race.

When all else fails-- pick it up and run!

*  Other side-splitting funny games

Getting the M & M's out of the powdered sugar and into your cup was quite a challenge.

... no, no,no, get those hands behind your back!

*  Lots of supportive team members to cheer you on and laugh with you.

*  A hay ride in Miami... now that is answered prayer.  The wagon was broken the whole week prior, but God answered that prayer too!

*  A lovely fire...

for roasting marshmallows,

and making s'mores.

*  A time of reflection on God's Word and singing praises to the Lord of the Harvest.

Thank you God for plenty; the harvest of friends; and for another day to smile and rejoice.


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  1. Great for those answered prayers! God is good all the time!


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