Friday, January 18

Seen on Campus

There are many new sights on campus.  These days it is difficult to get from here to there in a straight line.  Detours around several new buildings being built has made even walking around campus like being in rush-hour traffic.
This building is one of the latest being added to the medical complex.

It got it's first window-washing treatment this week.

The panther mascot is the latest sculpture to be added to the grounds.  He is guarding the sports arena with a bit of fierceness.  I asked one student what they thought of the new panther.  "Well, he looks mean", was the reply.

Apparently he didn't faze this girl.

And,on a side note, the Blessing Giveaway has ended-- lcgaunnac was the winner. I will be contacting you with details.  Thank you all for sharing your thoughts!
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  1. Thanks, Sharon!

    I think the panther is very realistically fierce! I wouldn't want to run into a real live one that looked like that, but maybe during the millenium I can pet one that is no longer fierce!


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