Sunday, January 20

The Blessing of Communication (and a give-away)

A boy we’ll call Sam, studied for his PhD here at FIU. Very friendly, but only mildly interested in Bible studies on campus, he often talked with Michael.  One day he announced, “Mah (Mike)… I am getting married!”  Since we had never seen him with a young lady, this took us by surprise. “Who are you getting married to, Sam? Michael asked.
“Oh! girl I met on Internet!”
Indeed, Sam was leaving for his country in a few days to meet “Tina” in person for the first time.

Two weeks later Sam returned- one very happy young man.  He had met Tina on day one, proposed, and got married on day two.  On day three they began the necessary paperwork to bring her to America, but he had to return to his classes without her.

Four months later Sam asked. “Mah, do you think your wife could teach my wife about the God?”  Tina had arrived in America, had no friends here, spoke almost no English, and had loads of time.  Sam brought his wife to campus one day where I met her and gave Tina her very first Bible.

On the day we were to meet for Bible study, Tina was quite late.  Eventually she knocked on my door.  I opened it to a beaming girl holding a pink gift bag with the Spanish words ‘Welcome Baby’ on the front, her Bible inside.  “Hi, she said, I’m loose!”  (Ahhh yes, the importance of communicating.)  I brought her in and assured her that she had been lost and not loose.

Communicating love, genuine friendship, and God’s Truth to Tina was a great adventure.  She requested two Bible studies each week in which we often used lots of body language, doodles, drawings, and pictures.  My brain was mush each time she left, but I can’t begin to measure the laughter and joy we shared together.  As her English improved, her hunger for God’s Word became greater and our communication richer.  One day, Tina put her faith in Jesus Christ.  She told me she believed God had arranged her marriage so that she would come to America and learn of Him. Several months later, after communicating God’s Word to her husband, Sam also became a believer.  I wept buckets of tears when Sam and Tina sung a hymn together they had chosen to communicate what was in their heart to our church family-  “ ’Tis so Sweet to Trust in Jesus”.

Soon, Sam graduated and moved to another country with my new sister in Christ.  Tina was not ready to stop learning, so we continued our Bible studies through Skype.  What a blessing to have this means to communicate with her.

Sam, Tina, and their baby girl, Sharon, are now in their home country where it is difficult to communicate with them.  Though we miss that part of our relationship greatly, we have great joy in knowing that we can catch up in eternity- with no language barrier, no censorship.

This blog is just one way we can communicate to you what God is doing in our lives and among our CBF family.  It is a blessing to know you read it and pray for us.

What is your favorite aspect of our blog?  We would be grateful if you could take a moment to leave a note in the comment form below.

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   ~Thank God for all the ways you can communicate today!



  1. I am a very visual person. Seeing pictures helps me remember what I have read or learned. So my favorite aspect of your blog is the photography, Sharon! When I view the faces of those precious people you and Mike minister to, I feel a tiny bit as if I have met them in person.

  2. Hmmmm, why aren't lots of people commenting on here, I wonder?! As you say, communication is a privilege, and it should not be taken for granted!

  3. Hearing how the Lord is working through you with International students. I also like the photos you accompany each blog post with. I can't remember how I first found your blog, but I am so glad I did!

    May the Lord richly bless you with patience, peace, joy and wisdom.

  4. Sharon, it is so wonderful to read how God drew this woman to Himself. What encouragement!

  5. This story is so amazing! It shows the intricate planning God has for each and every one of us to come near to Him. For me, it brings to mind a verse I read: Matthew 4:16 ~ even though all of us are in darkness, God brings the light to us so that we can see it and follow Him! I hope you guys continue to stay in contact with them!

  6. I love the way you present these stories. You have a way with words but most of all God has a way with people. His way! It's so nice to hear how God uses you. I do also love the photos because it gets me right in there where you are and besides it makes me want to come to Florida even more at times with those beautiful sites and knowing it is such a warm place. Even if it wasn't warm, I am sure there would still be many with warm hearts who want to study God and His ways.
    I love you both!

  7. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! :o)


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