Saturday, January 5

The Blessings of God (and a giveaway)

Life is a precious thing; every day you wake up alive is one more blessing from the Lord. But there are dozens of ways He blesses us during the space of one day-- beyond the very breath He allows.  Can you think of some?

For many years we have had the joy of sharing Truth with students, leading them to Jesus, helping them to grow in their faith, mentoring them, and being their family away from home.  One unexpected blessing has been the privilege of serving and investing in the lives of some of the parents of our university students. 

Inviting local parents to CBF gatherings, visiting with them in their homes, speaking to others across the miles via technology, or sharing the Gospel with them in person have all been recent ways God has allowed us to serve these parents.  What a special blessing!

This month on our blog we will be focusing on God’s blessings.  In celebration of His goodness, I am giving away a photo from my photography shop. 

To participate, go to my photography shop and choose your favorite photo.  Come back here and leave a comment telling me:
1. How has God already blessed you this year 
2. Tell me your favorite picture from the shop.
This giveaway will be open until January 10 (midnight EST)

Don’t overlook the goodness of God 
in your life today… count your blessings!

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  1. Oops, I wish I had looked at your blog before Jan. 10th! I have been so busy and distracted lately! But anyway here is a way God has blessed me already this new year: He has allowed me to start a new Bible study in the short, but powerful book of Jude. And He has allowed me to be a prayer partner with my Bible study teacher and friend.


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