Thursday, January 10

Think of Others

This is just one of 50,000 students who stroll around campus every day.

Just one who has many needs...
   an education, a quiet place to study, friends, a job to pay off school loans… these are typical priorities in the life of a university student.

We have the joy of being here to be a blessing in their lives in other ways…
   sharing the Gospel, give a listening ear, mentoring, and demonstrating hospitality to many from around the globe.

These are just a few tangible ways we can reach out to those who, sometimes don’t even know they have a need.  But that is exactly what God did for us… paid the price of redemption for us before we even knew how badly we needed it.

How can you demonstrate love or be a blessing to someone this week?  Would you like some help?
In the comment form below, tell me someone you desire to be a blessing to and why.  I will draw a name and send them a free photo print from my Photography Shop. You can view the photographs here and pick out one just right for them.

The giveaway is open through January 17 (midnight EST)

Be alert - how can you be a blessing to someone else today?



  1. I would like to be a blessing to my children. Why? Because how they are effectively instructed and encouraged in the Lord by their Mama has a profound impact on our country. The encouragement and blessing of a child in our home school today could encourage a lost soul saved tomorrow. Blessings really matter.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share.

  2. I would like to be a blessing to my daughter Elsbeth as she awaits the birth of Loralyn. She and her husband Jeremy are also praying about a very large, life-changing decision. (It would be another adjustment, in addition to the coming baby)! I would like her to know that I am praying for her to trust and rely completely on the Lord to meet ALL her needs--spiritual, physical, social, and emotional.


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