Friday, February 8

A Day in Our Life

Investing in the lives of college students in our ministry takes on different shapes.  While the typical day includes Bible study, mentoring, and/or counseling, hospitality is another of those shapes.

On this day, most of the hospitality for one student was actually outside of our home.

She needed to go downtown Miami for some training but has no car. So early in the morning we hit the road in our car.
Not long into our journey we changed to the train.

Then, due to technical difficulties, we had to switch to a bus.

a view of Miami from behind a very weathered window

We eventually landed on the Metro Mover, a mini-train that basically goes in circles downtown Miami, dropping off and picking up at numerous places for free.

train tracks above; mini train below

We finally got her to her intended destination. 
While she was at her training session we scooted about the City a bit.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying the lovely weather here in the Tropics.

 While we watched this boat sail out of the harbor

this guy was hanging around, hoping for a scrap of food.

Soon it was time to go fetch our student so we got back on the Metro Mover... the wrong one!

We realized it when we were at the opposite end of the City. 
   ...wait! didn't we already see this building today?

(Can you tell we don't do this on a regular basis?)
   ...Off and on the train, reading signs, asking kind people, until we finally we found the correct route.

But things still were not completely resolved with the transportation difficulties with the Metro Mover.  We laughed a lot, getting on and off multiple trains, walking, and trying not to pull our hair out.  Thankfully it was a completely lovely day in the City.

We found our girl, got back on the Metro Mover (again!)... until that broke down (again) and all passengers were told to exit.

More walking--

More exercise--
   climbing stairs, riding escalators,

More laughing.
I even spied this small sign stuck to one of the "you are here" maps for the city trains.

Finally, we found our way to the main train hub to make our journey back home.

 This cute twinkie and her little sister (sleeping on the next bench) traveled all by themselves.

On the way home the rain started to pour.

It even made its way down the walls inside the train.

In God's grace, we finally scanned our tickets one more time, left the train station, and got in our car-- very wet and laughing all the way. 

Our next task was to return our girl to the campus, just in time to take an exam in Macroeconomics.

I was going to end this post with a photo of me showing several more gray hairs than which I left with this morning, but we were all drenched from the sudden downpour-- I am sure you can just imagine.  :)

Girl safely in and out of the City;    relationships deepened;     mission completed.

 Serving God is always an adventure; 
                 this one was full of delight as well.

         A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: 
                  But a broken spirit drieth the bones. 
          Proverbs 17:22



  1. WHEW!! What a long and adventurous day you had! I feel tired just reading about it, but I had to laugh along with you anyway! I love the little sign somebody left as a witness. I'm curious, did that little bird perched on the pot only have one leg? (I can't see the other, so maybe it is just tucked up.)

  2. No, the little beggar had two legs. Perhaps he thought he could get more sympathy by looking lame. :)

    1. Oh, that is funny! :) Thanks for your reply!

  3. What a day, Sharon! So glad you had your eyes open along the way, to share with us. And God bless you for your service to Him.

    Thanks for your peanut butter comment (or your husband's). Made me laugh.


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