Tuesday, February 26

For His Glory

Over the past few days we had the privilege of serving in a mission conference.  This body of believers (mostly well into their retirement years) is set in a town of about 8,000.  They faithfully give to and pray for missionaries. 

We shared the conference with other missionaries who are: training pastors in several countries; serving the children of South America; and sharing the Gospel with the Jewish people of the world.

Peter (missionary to the Jews) shared a special dramatic reading of an acceptance speech by a WWII soldier given to a Jewish group when they awarded him a special honor.  This soldier was Peter's childhood pastor.  

Peter's pastor was one of the first to go into a concentration camp, witness the horror, help, and release the Jewish prisoners.  For this, the Jewish people wished to thank and honor him.  His speech told the Jewish listeners of his experience while weaving the Truth of God's Word into his account.  

This soldier's family has given Peter his uniform, flags, and other special mementos to use in his ministry with Jewish people.  His Israeli flag was one of the very first to fly over the State of Israel.  Do you notice anything about the American flag?

 Peter also brought a portion of a scroll, found in Poland.

Abner works to bring the Gospel to South American children.  Here he is teaching Michael how to play with some of their toys.  The toys on the left and right you must swing the solid wooden section (tied to the stick) into the air and make it land on the end of the wooden stick.  It was very difficult!

 Reporting what God is doing in our ministry on campus is always a delight.  We were able to bring one of our students with us so she could also share what God is doing in her life through Campus Bible Fellowship.

It was her first mission conference ever.  I loved answering all her questions and watched her become attached to several of the older people in the church in just a few days. These women are dear to my heart as well.

Sunday morning, it was my privilege to teach all the children at church-- on this day, just one solitary boy. Carson was a sweet four year old who listened carefully when I told him about Jesus.

Praise God for grandmas who invest in the lives of their grandchildren!

This large sign in the sanctuary kept us all in focus... for His honor and glory!!



  1. I enjoyed getting a little glimpse into the ministry the Lord has blessed you with. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Wow, what a cool ministry. God bless you guys. BTW, love the blog and I'm glad I found you.

    1. We love what God has given us to do. I hope our blog will be a source of encouragement as you serve Him.


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