Sunday, February 17


Recently we have been studying hospitality in our Bible class on Sundays.  Wanting to go beyond head knowledge, we decided to host a simple lunch after church where we would each invite someone outside of our normal circle of church friends to join us.

Gathered in the church kitchen area, soups, salad, and sandwiches added warmth to our chilly day (59* is chilly for us Tropical folks!)  The real warmth, however, came from the sweet fellowship as we visited around the tables, getting to know those we don't often spend time with.

I even sought to keep my camera tucked away for the day, focusing on listening and serving.  This Little Man proved to be much too tempting however.  I brought some dinosaur figurines for him as a gift.  He immediately named all the species for me, what types of food they ate, and other interesting facts I never knew about dinosaurs.  I couldn't resist a photo.

Then one of the mothers present asked me if I would take a picture of her son with his friends.
Who can say no to charmers such as these handsome boys?

My afternoon was rich with listening, fellowship, and laughter.  Two Latin sisters-in-Christ requested a photograph with me. (That counts as hospitality... right?)

One of them asked me if she could put my hair around hers...  and three 'mature' women were off into a fit of giggles.

Be kindly affectionate to one another with brotherly love, 
in honor giving preference to one another;  
distributing to the needs of the saints, given to hospitality. 
Romans 12:10,13

It isn't so hard to practice hospitality- just takes a little practice.



  1. Fun, joyful hearts, and the sweetness of fellowship in the Body of Christ!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day, Sharon. Those photos show the joy, and I love the silly hair shot!

  3. Hello Sharon,

    I was going through my blog and wanted to thank you for the suggestions on books...
    I hadn't been to your blog before today and I want to say I enjoyed what I've read.
    Again Thank you for the book suggestions, I will be looking into it.
    Paula N Seavey


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