Monday, March 25

A Little Richer

Fifty-five years ago this man and his wife had a vision to plant a church in Miami.
One of the things they did that first year was hold a missions conference.

He and his dear wife are now "retired" but have left behind a church that is comprised of more than thirty nations, and a body of believers who love missions.

For the past eight days we took part in their 55th annual mission conference and mingled with these dear people.

Many of these have come to know Jesus here in America.

The next generations to carry the Light.

Jesus (HAY-soos) only knows a few words of English, but he dearly loves his Savior.

     ...and baseball!
(The man behind Jesus was there to catch him after he swung because he is unsteady on his feet.  Jesus hit the ball twice.)

Jesus and his wife Kina immigrated from Cuba.

This dear couple (also from Cuba) came to America less than two years ago.  Their passion for the Lord is evident and it is rare to see them without a smile.

The first Sunday, Michael spoke to the college class who loves our university ministry.

The second Sunday of the conference Michael shared in the Spanish Class through an interpreter.

Today we are headed back to campus, but we are far richer from having spent eight days under the sound of the Word and fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.


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