Saturday, April 13


Susan and Thomas

Born in China, raised mostly in Brazil, Thomas and Susan met through their parents.
Each speak a totally different Chinese language, so they communicate in Portuguese.  As newlyweds, they now live in Miami, trying to learn English.

I meet with Susan each week for Bible study, fellowship, and an opportunity to improve her English through our conversation.  We also spend time in prayer for her husband who does not yet know Jesus.

Tonight we had them in our home for dinner and a time to develop our relationship with Thomas.  We visited as we ate Chicken Pesto and linguine, snap beans, and worked our way through a vege tray.  Dessert was the coconut cream pie they brought and the spinach ice cream I made (yum yum!)
We learned a lot, laughed a lot, and delighted in the privilege of sharing Christ and our lives with them.

Two more very special people in our CBF family.  :)


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