Saturday, April 20

Relax and Rejoice

The semester has drawn to a close; graduation is just a few days away.  It's time to celebrate!

One of the favorite ways of our kids to do that is to relax.  They are very tired from a long year of classes.  So we had an evening of  food to fill their tummies,

(One girl brought hot chocolate for everyone- 
which was a hit - despite the hot weather these days!
This fellow couldn't get enough of the brownies!)

games to release some stress,

gifts to honor the grads,

 (degrees in Criminal Justice, Journalism, and Chemistry)

and fellowship to hash out what is lingering on their minds.

We had twelve countries represented among our small gathering...

 Cuba, Iran, America,

Haiti, China, Palestine,

  Syria, Ecuador, Jamaica,

 Germany, Dominican Republic, and Guyana.

 One student is studying to be a veterinarian and brought a 2 week old kitty to the gathering.

To say the kitten was well-received would be an understatement!

The guys oohed and aahed just as much as the girls.

She was even given her say in the game time.

The students passed her around the whole night.
    It was an interesting stress reliever.

 I suspect the kitty went home in need of a little rest, however.

 Each student went home with a plate full of food and goodies;
   this one went home with all the balloons!

(Yes, she walked all over campus, out the door and to her car with them tied to her toes!)

Each one is unique-- each one precious in His sight.  It was our joy to facilitate a night to relax and rejoice.



  1. I totally understand why the tiny kitten was so popular! Most students love pets and probably don't get to see all that many animals (unless they are studying to be a vet)!

  2. I love the pictures! Thanks for sharing!


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