Monday, April 22

Something to Make You Smile

My sweet neighbor lives a few doors down the hall.  Her ten children have decided that it is time for her to move to a place where she can be looked after on a daily basis.  Rosie is by no means feeble, but I do see some small changes in her and appreciate children (some who are nearly 70) who demonstrate care for their mother.

Rosie had decided that since she couldn't take her piano with her, she would give it to her grandson.  He didn't want it.  She called me and said, "I guess I will give it to Goodwill.   Do you want it?"

Well, it did not get packed off to Goodwill; it made the journey down the hall to our home.  Praise God for His amazing blessing.  We are humbled.

While I was in her home today she picked up one of her harmonicas and suddenly started playing it.  I had no idea she played!  Michael loves the harmonica so I asked her if she had enough breath to walk down to our house and play something for Michael.  She graciously said 'yes' and allowed me to record it for you.

Rosie decided that she did not need two harmonicas in her new place so she left one for Michael.
She called me about 45 minutes later and asked, "Has Mike learned to play that accordion yet?"  :)



  1. What a fantastic blessing that you now have a piano!!! Do you both know how to play the piano?

    1. I do know how to play the piano a little and Michael is trying to learn. :)

  2. Wow, she looks great for 90! We just moved my 87 year old dad by us. He is in good shape for his age too, but doesn't need to be alone. It is a hard and sad stage in life!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! :o)


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