Friday, April 5

Growing Together

We have just a few weeks left of Bible studies before the students take their final exams.
This part of our CBF family has been special to us this semester. They have been a faithful group, growing in number little by little as they bring their classmates, siblings, children, and friends.

They have also grown spiritually as they have attempted to sing together,

listen to the Word,

and apply it to their lives.

Here the students are choosing stickers that say "God's Stuff" to place on their prized belongings, after listening to Michael teach about being willing to use our material resources for God and even give them up if He so leads.  
We see these stickers on telephones, computers, other electronic gadgets as they weave in and out of our life.

The fellowship after Bible study has also been precious.  There are always a few who stay afterwards to ask more questions about the Word.
Another group of students have been asking us to go to the coffee shop with us for an hour or so before they go to their next class.

It is a valuable time to hear what is in their heart, what they have been pondering, and seek to answer the questions they are currently facing.
Michael and I have been calling this the 'Bible study after Bible study'.
Soon, some of these students will be off to the next chapter in their lives-
  we will miss them greatly but cherish this time we have to lead and influence them for righteousness.
God is good!


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