Sunday, May 26

Exam Week Culture

Another exam week is in the history book for the students at FIU.
While cramming is definitely part of the atmosphere and culture that come with the territory of exam week, some things never change.

The flowers still bloom on campus.

 The dragonflies still alternate between darting around like stunt pilots in bi-planes and clinging to tiny blades of grass.

And all the non-American students still drop everything to watch a game of footbol (soccer).

In the middle of a main hallway, 
I spied these international students 
totally engrossed in a game of soccer, 
smack in the middle of exam week. 

We reserved a room one day where our CBF students could come to study for their tests, pray with us before heading out to take the exam, and be encouraged in fellowship in a very stressful week.

Someone decided they should also bring their ukuleles.  I spotted Rose headed down the hall with hers sticking out of her backpack. 

Alicia's exam this day was a power point presentation on nutrition that she wanted to practice on us just before class.

Soon, several began pulling out their ukes.

Some of them even have names for them- such as Luke and Betty.

Rhonda had never even played before, but beautifully serenaded us while her brother braided her hair.

Midst all the music and fellowship, Rose quietly crammed for her next exam.

 And why not-- ukulele music just makes you smile.


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  1. I wish I could hear the ukulele music! What a great way to encourage the students during a stressful week.


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