Friday, May 31

How Great Thou Art

The sky grew dark and rolled the rain clouds together in a huge mass as I hurried across campus to meet with a student.  But just dashing past this tree without taking note was not an option.  With its arms lifted towards its Creator, my feet were riveted on the sidewalk.

Who could ignore such a spectacular touch from the Master Painter?

Like a bride's bouquet, the large blooms poured down the branches of the Royal Poinciana tree. 

To know all this beauty is rolled up in the bright green pods is stunning.
To personally know the One who made this is humbling.

 My heart echoed the words of Hezekiah, Isaiah, and King David, of old ~
    You alone are God!



  1. I remember seeing those when we were there and just thinking they were the most beautiful things ever!

    1. I first saw these in India. There are a few varieties around the world but I am not sure if they grow anywhere else in the States. (Maybe California?) They grab me every time!

  2. Beautiful, and so are your words that go along with it!

  3. What a beautiful tree! Even more beautiful is your heartfelt praise. I'm praising our Creator right along with you. :) He is amazing!

  4. Sharon, these images are stunning, and your writing beautiful, giving praise to our Creator.

  5. Lovely, exotic tree! Lovely, vibrant praise to its Maker!


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