Thursday, May 23

The Hand Off

 At the end of each academic year the graduating student leaders of CBF pass their responsibilities they have carried in the ministry to the incoming leaders.
We call this the Hand Off.

We start with food, of course, since every college student we have ever met is hungry. (;
 The fellowship and reminiscing around the table is a delight.  The young lady in blue has served four years in CBF and has a passion for my homemade chicken empanadas.  I have carried this tradition on for her.  This year she was delighted to see I had extra fruit at the table as well.

We share with the leaders why we appreciate them specifically serving on the team.  Michael also gives them a time of orientation for the realities of serving God in the coming year on a secular university campus.

Miss Germany hands off her team baton to Miss Syria. (Notice how everyone 'dressed up' for this formal occasion - he he.)

Mr. Dominican/Cuban hands off his baton to Miss Jamaica.  He will be transitioning to the servant place of CBF president, so we did not have to say 'good-bye' to him.

Michael also challenges the outgoing leaders to continue in a servant-leader heart in whatever area of life God brings them to next.

We also have a tradition of giving them a towel with a reminder of Jesus' example of humility and service in John 13.

Miss Ecuador was so happy to receive this token of our appreciation.

What joy we have training these students as leaders and serving along side of them on campus. The privilege to train young people from around the globe is humbling... but oh, so fun!



  1. Bet it is always hard to say good bye, I know you and Mike have had such an influence in these student's lives, you truly are ambassadors for the Lord.

    1. goodbyes are always the hardest part but definitely a part of the ministry

  2. The towels are a great reminder to be a servant leader, just as Christ served His disciples by washing their feet. Similar towels are presented to the graduates of some Bible colleges. Both Elsbeth and Jeremy received towels when they graduated from Appalachian Bible College and Lancaster Bible College.


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