Saturday, June 22

A Sheltering Tree

We live in the city- a place with the masses of people scurrying about in buses, cars, walking, and jets that constantly fly above our heads.  But we live in a community that is known for trees, and I am grateful.

Many of those are palm trees, but tucked in secluded corner of our neighborhood is this Banyan tree.

Banyans are a type of fig that begin as a seed deposited by birds or other animals onto another type of tree.  It sends its roots downward, often spiraling around the host until they meet the ground and take root.

Often it appears that someone has propped big sticks under the massive branches to bear the weight.  These are actually aerial prop roots that come from the tree itself.

Over time they can become so thick that you cannot see the original tree, as this one has done.

The host tree does not always die, but the older they become the more interesting the Banyan looks.

This national tree of India got its name because of the 'banya' (merchants) who took advantage of the sheltering shade under which to sell their wares.

This particular tree was buzzing with fig wasps which are necessary for reproduction of the figs.  I can only imagine what else has found a safe harbor in this shady Banyan.

It looks like a great place for a family picnic to me!

    O LORD, You are my God. 
          I will exalt You, 
          I will praise Your name, 
          For You have done wonderful things; 
          Your counsels of old are faithfulness and truth. 
    You have been a strength to the poor, 
          A strength to the needy in his distress, 
          A refuge from the storm, 
          A shade from the heat; 
      Isaiah 25:1,4



  1. I really like these interesting trees. Great photos and I like the verses you pick with each blog. His Word is so refreshing and His creation is amazing.

  2. What an amazing sight! That tree looks ancient and well-rooted. As believers, we are to be well-rooted in the ancient and yet ever-new Word of life.


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