Monday, June 10

Good Medicine

Because they cannot come to church, Michael and I had the joy of spending a delightful afternoon with a group of the older generation in an assisted care home on Sunday.

We sang the old songs while some of them joined in.  Michael preached a message from the Word and then we spent some time just chatting with those who gathered round.

Ava and I had the same two sentence conversation 49 times in the space of an hour.  Her short term memory was missing, but she knew that she knew the Lord- from way back.  Barely able to lift her head from her chair she assured me, "Oh, I drive- I just don't have a car."  :)

Connie informed me that I had a cute husband and was going to tell him so.  She fell in love with his red hair and claimed to be Irish herself.  

We chatted, giggled, took photos, and then they wondered who the people were in the view-finder when we looked at the photo.

When I was leaving Connie asked me if I would bring her a pair of new slacks the next time-  size 16.  I remarked, "You don't look like a 16".
"I am a 10, but will soon be a 16 for all the ice cream we eat around here!"

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine
but a broken spirit drieth up the bones."
Prov. 17:22


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