Wednesday, July 17

A Journey

Did you think we got lost?  :)
We have been on a little journey-  much of it in the car.
    ~ amazing what one can see out the passenger window.

We drove by many churches on this journey.  How grateful I am to live in a country where freedom to worship God is still our right.


When we were stopped on the highway due to an accident, I even captured some of God's creation gracing the miles of man-made roads.


Watching the world outside my window isn't all bad, but we have enjoyed plenty of time with people along our journey as well.

I had 'tea' with this Sweet Pea in a church nursery...

... sat and visited with this military veteran.

And attended a conference with hundreds of BMM missionaries from all over the world.

There, Campus Bible Fellowship missionaries gathered in a small room to celebrate, via Skype, with co-workers who recently arrived on their field- Virginia Tech University.
Pray for this couple as they point university students to Jesus.

In another state, we had the joy of fellowship with a former student who attended Bible studies on campus in Miami years ago.
It was delightful to mingle with their children as well.

Stopping to spend time with my parents was also a must as we journeyed through the miles.

We spent a day at an aquarium with them and marveled over the amazing things God has made such as this enormous hermit crab in a conch shell...

...the gracefulness of a whale shark swimming before our eyes,

and meeting a sea dragon for the first time.

We have been in five states and will soon be home (and ready for a few days not in the car.)



  1. Love this! The photos are great and I love the way you portrayed the travels and captured a great photo of Mom and Dad. Sending love and prayers too!

  2. Oh my, somehow I missed this post until just now as I was looking back at some of your previous blogs! I love this--felt like I was right along with you as you journeyed!


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