Thursday, July 4

Miss Veda

 This week, while visiting my parents, 
it was my privilege to go to yet another assisted care home 
for the older generation.

My parents get to serve these dear people every week 
by bringing the love of Christ in song and the Word.

 Some could sing along with us;
some just whistled the hymns.

Some asked questions during the Bible study;
others just listened.

They were all precious... including Miss Veda.

She really loved the songs and belted out "Jesus Loves Me" 
with a beautiful smile on her face.

Miss Veda insisted that she was 200 years old.

She grasped my left hand and said, 
"Why, what are all those rings on your finger?"
"Those are my wedding rings," I replied.
"Are you fixin' to get married?!!"
"No, I giggled, I am already married."
"Miss Veda waved her ancient hand in the air and said, 
"You are joking me!"

Though some of Miss Veda's memory has receded
into the back corners of her mind,
there were certain things that she knows without doubt:
Jesus is God;
She is going to heaven when she dies;
and she and I will meet again one day in Glory.

Her well-worn Bible was padded with treasures-
old church bulletins, sugar packets,
a Christmas brooch, star key chain, and other
important belongings.

It was her passion for the souls of others that
endeared her to my heart, however.  
With tears streaming down her face, she told me 
"We must tell others about Jesus
before it's too late".

I hope I can still tell of His love when I am 200 years old.



  1. Miss Veda is a dear saint and I hope I can be as sweet as she is when I am 200 years old and some parts of my memory have receded to the back corners of my mind!

  2. I think this is great! I like the wedding ring story especially! Hehe! Thanks for sharing. Next time, maybe add a photo of Mom and Dad serving those older folks. :)


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