Tuesday, July 23


Answering God's call to serve and follow Him sometimes mean letting go of things dear to us.  Not being around my family has been one of those things.  (My sister lives 3,300 miles away and the opportunity to see her is rare.)  Last week though, I had the joy of traveling through the city where my parents live.  We spent a few days together, enjoying each day God gives us together.  Just sitting together in the same room is a privilege.

Everyday on campus I minister to girls who do not have the heritage God gave me; girls who do not know parental love, nurturing, or Biblical training for the classrooms of life.  How I thank God for parents who raised me according to His truth.

 You have given me the heritage of those who fear Your name. 
Psalm 61:5


  1. Sharon, as I said tonight on-line as we chatted... these are so nice! Thanks too from this end, to Mom and Dad for the heritage we have been given through you which is now being passed down to the next generation. I love you all!

  2. Your mom and dad are precious! I can see in their faces that they are lovable saints of our Lord!


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