Friday, August 9

Celebrating 27 Years

Today we were blessed to finish our 27th year of marriage.

We spent the whole day together, enjoying the company of each other.

One of the things we did was meander down to Miami Beach for a special dinner.

We arrived early at the restaurant so we walked along the water's edge

 watching the boats pass back and forth on their respective journeys,

 looking at the amazing skyscrapers people call home,

and watching the throngs of people pass by...
   locals, vacationers, joggers, children running after dogs, bikers, teens on their skateboards, party-goers, and people from many, many nations.

We found these beautiful sea grape trees that are native to coastal beaches.
In Florida they are used as dune stabilizers, ornamental plants and light barriers for sea turtles so they will make it out to sea after they hatch.

Sea grapes cam be eaten raw when they are reddish-purple and made into jam or sea grape vinegar.
Their seeds cannot be stored but must be planted immediately. Sea grapes cannot survive a frost.

Solomon and Nathaniel approached us and asked us if we were Jewish.  They wanted to convert us to the traditions of Judaism.  Though they were not ready to hear the Truth of Jesus Christ, we pray our respect for them and our careful listening will pave the way for the next Christian to share the Good News of the Messiah with these young men.

Soon, we ate our dinner and enjoyed watching our waiter Fernando, from Colombia, rejoice with us that we had been married for so long.  He told us that his parents did not want him to marry his American girl-friend, but urged him to marry a Colombian girl like the rest of his siblings.  Fernando told us that he was the only one of his family that did not get divorced.

 Fernando said when we were leaving... "May you have another 27 years!"


  1. I am so blessed by your marriage, your witness of the Messiah to all nations, and your gift of photographic art!

  2. It's precious how God binds two people together and gives them the courage and resolve to learn to love each other better and to strive to honor him day by day. It's tough at times but there are more rewarding blessings than one can ever count! May God continue to bless you in the days to come. He is so good!


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