Wednesday, August 7

More Than a Degree

Another one of my girls is leaving the nest.

This week I had the privilege of sitting on the bleachers with this Peruvian mother 
waiting to watch her daughter formally graduate from the university.

The secular university graduation ceremony is not something that is close to my heart- the music is ridiculously loud, speeches are often un-biblical, and God is shunned in every aspect.  But often, students will purchase us tickets and we are honored to support them in their special day.

Sometimes, little or no family is on hand to watch the student graduate, but on this day, several came with proud shoulders to watch her graduate.

~ a mother, father, aunt, uncle

~ a brother

~ a boyfriend

~ and a spiritual mother.

It was one very hot day, complete with a tropical downpour.  Michael and I spent a few hours after the graduation eating one plate after another of authentic Peruvian food with her and the family.
I walked away quite full-
    full of food, mixed emotions to see her go, and joy in the amazing goodness of God.

She came to get a degree in Forensic Law and is leaving with a personal relationship with Jesus. How blessed I am to have led her to Christ and disciple her these three years. May He be praised!


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  1. You are blessed indeed, and so is she! May the Lord guide her heart and her steps as she leaves FIU and you, her spiritual mother. I know your heart will long for her to walk closely with her Savior, so I pray that you will be able to keep in touch with her and be encouraged!


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