Wednesday, August 21

Together, in Jesus

I recently attended a brunch with a small group of my sisters-in-Christ.
It was hosted in my honor so that we could have 
a special time of fellowship before I must move.

The day started with strawberry soup, papaya, 
a yummy breakfast casserole, vegetable torte, and rosemary bread.

Well-sprinkled between bites was a load of laughter, 
many questions about our new ministry, and a few tears.

One sister and I started our relationship in earnest many years ago as prayer partners.  
It grew to a small prayer meeting held every week as others joined our circle of prayer.  
Two of these girls are ones God brought into my life through my ministry at the university.  

We are a very diverse circle: 
five languages spoken, several distinct cultures, 
single, married, childless, some with large families,
musical, a chemist, a dentist, 
two tutors, homeschooling mothers-- but all related in Jesus.

In the coming weeks, I will have to leave them geographically, 
but our hearts will remain knit together around the One who brought us together in the first place.  
Knowing we will one day sit around the Throne, worshiping our Lord together without any good-byes makes these days of transition just a little bit easier.


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