Wednesday, September 18

Bible Study With our Family

Some came with their Bible in their pocket
some- in their backpack or on their phone;

But they all came with anticipation of learning about God and His Word.

The group Bible study on campus is just one aspect of 
serving the students here who want to walk with God, 

are curious about truth, 

or have never even heard of the Truth of Jesus Christ.

For all the ways we get to serve them, 
Bible study is our favorite.

When we see the light of understanding dawn in their eyes
it makes all the long days, late nights, and many prayers worth it.

They also come for Christian fellowship because there is 
precious little on campus to to be found.

Here, they get to encourage one another in the faith outside of church walls,

ask questions without fear of ridicule,

and develop healthy relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ.

These two (from Syria and China) met for the first time today
and discovered they are sisters in Christ.  :)

We are so blessed to have had the honor of leading them to Jesus over the last eleven years.

They surprised us with a special farewell gathering, including this cake that looks like Utah 
and has the logo and colors of the new university where we will be serving.

Some of the FIU staff stopped by to bid us good-bye as well.

Marcos has little command of the English language 
but has brought us tables and chairs for eleven years 
so we can sit and pass out literature in the busy halls of FIU;
He has unlocked doors, cleaned rooms for us, 
and given us countless Latin kisses with the greeting, "You my American family!"

This young lady has no mother and clung to me tightly
on our last Bible study together.

Leaving our CBF family is difficult, yet we know
God has them in His hands and has
many more for us to embrace across the miles.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; 
do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, 
for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” 
Josh 1:9



  1. Sharon. I am not sure exactly why but I have tears looking at this blog. Could be the wonderful photos you have taken of those learning about God's word, or just the idea that you two have had such an impact on hearts longing and searching for truth. Probably both, and now you are moving on. I feel the feelings of those who are going to miss you and pray that they will stay strong. We are having a previous International student leave us tomorrow, going back to his home. I pray for his salvation. I have tears thinking about the questions he has asked in the past and in this week and in thinking about the knowledge he has received from us from His word. I pray that he will accept it some time before it's too late. Anyone reading this can pray for J. All in God's timing.
    Love you both!

  2. Kathy, I have prayed for J. Sharon, I have prayed for the dear students and former students whose lives you and Mike have touched over the years at FIU.


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