Saturday, September 28

Home Base

After more than eleven years in the tropics, 
God is shifting our ministry location.

Our last evening in Miami was capped by tearful good-byes with students
and a lovely sunset from God.

We headed north, to Georgia,
where God has provided a new 'home base' for the next few months.

The palm trees quickly gave way to pines, oaks, and a host 
of other vegetation we are not used to seeing.

The flat, busy highways gave way to rolling hills and country roads.
Though it is temporary, our new place is a restful atmosphere for us city-dwellers.

We had a little welcoming committee upon our arrival.

We do not have to care for these animals (our host family does that),
but it is a delight to see them in action.

Already we see evidences of the coming Autumn, 
a season we have missed enjoying in our years in the tropics.

There is plenty to do though as we get settled, begin a heavier 
speaking schedule and prepare for our new ministry in the West.

God has great things in store... 
stay tuned for the news!



  1. Very nice post. It's neat to see that you get to have such "friends" as those you posted. Praying that the plans God has for you will be just as pleasant as the previous as you prepare for the coming years in a new place. Don't get too cold now. Hehe!

  2. I love your temporary dwelling place! The "welcoming committee" must have made you both smile! Your beautiful photos of God's creation has blessed me, as always!


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