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photo credit - Dede Swint

Recently we have had several requests for 'More' on topics such as our personal life, and our students.  Our life and the ministry with our students is often hard to neatly package into separate categories, so perhaps you would like a little 'More' about both.

We met in Bible college nearly 30 years ago.  It wasn't until after we had become best of friends that we started dating.  Through time, prayer, and counsel from our families, we believed God would have us join in marriage.

 Before we ever met each other we had both committed our lives for service for Jesus.  Since then, He has taken us through journeys we never imagined and we have been able to serve Him in places beyond what we could think.

One of those places was India.
Through a series of God-orchestrated events, He made a way and led us to teach in a Bible college in north eastern India.

The student body was comprised of 97 students with 63 distinct Indian languages.

The days were often difficult but God is always bigger than the difficulties.  Our hearts were closely knit to these dear students who had left their little villages to learn more of the Word under our care.

Michael spoke in various village churches occasionally, as well as keeping a full schedule of teaching classes at the college.  When God made it evident that it was time to return home, we were sad to leave our students, but knew God had a plan for our lives.

While praying for direction for that next step, we were able to relieve a missionary couple who needed to come home for a break on an island in the Caribbean.  There, we we taught classes at a tiny Bible college... student body: 6.

Every weekend we traveled up the coastline to a village where we served the children who came to church each Sunday.

In that year of prayer and serving God directed us back to the States to continue serving college students through Campus Bible Fellowship.  We landed in Miami and have been here for more than 11 years.

God quickly expanded our hearts beyond the Indian and Caribbean peoples.
Suddenly we were on a campus with 36,000 students...

from 126 different nations.

As each year of marriage passed, we were able to serve the students 
in ways our minds alone could not have imagined.

Bible studies, mentoring, counseling, are ever current needs the students have here.

Taking them to church, listening, 
and sharing the heartaches and joys have been part of our everyday life.

Celebrating birthdays, hosting baby showers, sharing our hospitality with them,

providing wholesome activities when they need a break from the books,

and teaching them to serve the local church and the community have all had a place.

And as we grow older, the university grows bigger.  
There are more than 50,000 students here now.

 And often they find the way to my kitchen. 

But no matter if they are in my kitchen or on campus, we share the Word 
because this is what God has called us to do-
because it is their greatest need.

Soon we will be off on another journey of God's making.  In a few weeks we will have to say good-bye to this wonderful CBF Famliy we have here.

As we prepare to serve our Father at another campus, we will be taking some months to travel and speak in churches who are interested in learning more about campus ministry.

We will keep you posted of our move, our journey, and the amazing things God has planned, though we cannot imagine yet what He can do through two people who have said, 'Here am I, send me.'

photo credit - Dede Swint


  1. Thank you so much for this history of you and Mike and your various locations and ministries! It was informative and a blessing! My prayers are with you wherever you go!

  2. Nice little history sis. Thanks for sharing your photos and your heart.


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