Tuesday, October 8

Great Peace

I have been observing the sights around me as we settle into our new place. 

I have been fascinated with the simple things...
          such as the sunlight on a petunia -

   a katydid walking down a vine -

   a bluebird sitting on a post -

    the morning dew on a rose -

       and the raindrops clinging to the feathery asparagus in the garden.

Perhaps these things are not actually simple...
     I cannot begin to explain the daily workings of the sun or the intricacies of a katydid's skinny legs. I do not know how rain crashes down under the law of gravity and then stops to cling to a delicate plant.

And the life-cycle of a leaf and acorn, fallen to the ground is actually quite a detailed story.

But God's law is forthright and simple.  And He who gave us His Law, promised great peace to those who love it.

   I simply believe that.


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  1. Wonderful once again. Such beauty that you know how to capture!

  2. Beautiful pictures and verse.

  3. Lovely nature photos, Sharon!!


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