Wednesday, October 16

Ministry Treat

 This week we had the privilege of visiting a campus ministry at University of Georgia.

The campus itself was quite beautiful.

After a brief tour of campus and on our way to Bible study we stopped to talk with this artist who was drawing a building for her 'Perspectives' class.  We invited her to the Bible study too.  :)

A local church was burdened for the campus and began the ministry one year ago.

Like all good campus Bible studies, there was a bucket of treats waiting for all who entered.  

These are the sweet students we had the joy of meeting with that night.

They are in the midst of a study in the Book of Acts.

They ended the formal Bible study with a session of prayer.

About 9:30 in the evening we all went to a coffee shoppe on campus and talked for another two hours.

What a joy to know there is a great Bible study group on this campus seeking to make a difference in their world.  


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