Wednesday, October 30

On the Road

In October we were able to travel to four churches and share with them about Campus Bible Fellowship.

Three of those churches already partner with us in ministry and it was a joy to report to them in person.

Many pray for us faithfully and it is such a delight to see them in person.

While we love to share the Word, the latest news from the campus, and prayer needs with our prayer partners, it is also refreshing to be blessed by those giving their talents back to the Lord.

On this journey we were reminded that no one is too old or too young to serve the Lord.

Our journey also allowed us to attend a Bible Conference that was full of surprises... meeting several special people from our past.

This dear lady was my English professor in Bible College.  Besides being very good at English, June is a godly woman who influenced me greatly.  June had great compassion on the students even though she was a stickler for correct grammar.

Many of her words of wisdom still ring in my mind to this day.  As a teenager, I asked her how I could know what God's will was for my future.  June told me, "If you abide with God and do His will today and you do that every day, ten years from now you will be in His will."

We were pleasantly surprised to see each other.  At 89 years, I think she looks wonderful!

The gentleman on the left was also a delight to see- my missions professor from college.  
Dr. Bauder, (right) was the speaker at this conference and he too has blessed our lives in the past.  He and his wife were dorm parents when Michael and I were in college.  :)

Between speaking engagements, we stayed a few days with our former Pastor and his wife.

What a huge blessing to sit with them and hear the wisdom of their many years serving Jesus.  Though officially retired and in their 80's, they still actively serve the Lord.

Our last church on this journey included three days of delightful fellowship.  We were able to both speak several times as well as fellowship with our dear friends.  Sunday after church we all shared a meal together outside.

Some of those we connected with have been giving and praying for us for more than ten years.  It was a blessing to listen to them share, receive their hugs, and watch them faithfully serve the Lord.

The blessing of the LORD makes one rich,
    And He adds no sorrow with it.
Proverbs 10:22

 Have you been blessed recently? 
   We would love to read your comments as we remember the goodness of the Lord.


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  1. Oh, YES!! I have been richly blessed, and among those blessings is knowing you and Michael! This past year, I have formed some new friendships among the fellow students in the exercise class I attend for people 50 and older. I so love "seniors"--and I know I AM one--but many of my new friends are 20 or more years older than I am.


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