Tuesday, October 22

Things That Grow in the Dirt

Have you ever noticed that the more you learn the more you realize how much you have to learn?

I have lived several decades and never knew about field peas.  Wow!

Our host family is growing them in their garden. 
(Well, at least I already knew they came from a garden!)

I spied the men engaged in fellowship near the rows before they bent over 
and picked 10 gallons of peas one evening.

Late that night we had more fellowship while we shelled peas into large bowls.

Aren't they beautiful?
(Yes, I have been in the city for many years... I am easily awed these days 
over simple beauty that God has scattered all about me.) 

We boiled them in a little salt and tried them for the first time.
Michael and I were truly raving over these wonderful little guys.

Another recent life lesson was experiencing boiled peanuts.
Packed tightly in tows that looked like stitches on a blanket, they also grabbed my interest.

In addition to learning that Georgians love their boiled peanuts, 
I discovered eating them as a side dish with pizza is perfectly acceptable!  

Even the squirrels here in the South eat them--
No, wait! I do believe that is a boiled acorn. 

Can you guess which plant this lovely bloom belongs to?

I had no idea okra grew straight up nor that it grows taller than I am.

I have eaten okra before but not right out of the garden.

I learned that the bees love the beautiful flowers as well, working diligently
to gather the pollen.

 Yes, the LORD will give what is good; 
 And our land will yield its increase. 
Psalm 85:12


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