Saturday, November 2

A Light House

      You are the light of the world.
                  A city that is set on a hill 
                                  cannot be hidden.
                                                   Matt 5:14

Our host at one of the churches we spoke in last week 
surprised us with a visit to a nearby lighthouse.
Ponce Inlet Lighthouse (Formerly called Mosquito Inlet) 
is in Florida and is one of the tallest in the state.

Made in 1887 with one and a quarter million bricks, 
the walls at its base are 8 feet thick.

We climbed more than 200 steps to reach the top 
where we had a 360* view of the ocean, marshes, and neighboring homes.

Ponce Inlet is still a working Lighthouse whose beacon can be seen for 20 nautical miles.

The beacon is just above Michael's head,

  Let your light so shine before men, 
that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.
Matt 5:16


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  1. What a beautiful lighthouse! I have never seen one except in pictures, but I love the concept of believers being like lighthouses shining in the stormy world with Christ's love and message of salvation.


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