Tuesday, November 26

Travel Highlights

Eleven days ago we started out on another journey to report to more of our supporting churches.  (Of course, I took too many pictures to share, but here are a few highlights of our journey.)

Leaving Georgia on a beautiful day we soon made it into Tennessee, where the rain was making everything sparkle with fresh moisture from the skies.

We then arrived in Indiana where we had the privilege of speaking in two churches.  Preaching, teaching, and sharing with those who pray for and support us is always a blessing.  In one church, Michael spoke to 50 teens about campus ministry.

God allowed us to pop in on some coworkers who serve three campuses in the South Bend area.  Besides serving her family, Miss Char loves to cook for the college students that frequent her home.

One of their daughters has patiently waited for several years for us to visit. It was fun to surprise her with our presence and a joy to fellowship in person.

While there, we joined in the evening Bible/English class held in their home.  Students and non-students carefully read about the Ten Commandments.

Each person had a helper who labored with them through the new words and the meaning of Scripture.

This young lady has only been in America a few weeks.  She worked very hard trying to understand the truths taught this night.

The next day it began to snow...

Some of the trees were still trying to show off their fall colors midst the softly falling flakes.

As it was my first snow in many years, I had to take a few snaps of the beautiful ice crystals, collecting before my eyes. (For you who live in winter every year, thank you for bearing with my winter scenes.)

Another highlight on this journey was getting to spend a day with Michael's Dad.

Living in Miami has proved to be challenging in getting to be with family very often.  How we thank the Lord for this gift of time and relationship!

After speaking in one more church it was time to leave.  Tracing our way back through Tennessee, we were able to stop for a few hours to fellowship with one of our former CBF students.  God is growing him into a man of God.  What a joy to see the fruit of our labors in discipleship in his life.

We paused in Georgia long enough to gather my parents and take them home with us for a few days.  We have settled in to the warm house to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

Happy Thanksgiving to your family!


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  1. What a JOY it was to connect with both of you during your time in our area! God is good and I am very thankful for the blessing it was to be together those two evenings. I hope you had a delightful Thanksgiving with Sharon's parents!


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