Wednesday, December 25

Willy Travels

Hello Everyone!  Willy here; if you haven't met me yet, be sure to go here to find out my story.

I recently got to take my first journey since I arrived here in Georgia.  I went to a Christmas gathering for the college students who go to the Bible study at UGA and for those students who attend the church here.

To get there we had to drive on Sawdust Trail and NoWhere Road... truthfully!

Everyone was supposed to bring a white elephant gift, a little food, and wear a tacky sweater.  I was a little nervous because all I had to wear was my basketball jersey.

I did bring some polka dotted socks to give away... sure glad I didn't have to take those home!

I was also a little nervous to meet my first college students, but after I met Daniel and saw his tacky sweater, I didn't feel so bad about my jersey.  He is a really nice boy- and very creative!

The dim light and all the beautiful candles burning made it hard to get a picture of Kassidy, but I was glad to meet her. She was super sweet and I liked listening to her tell me about her studies in elementary education.  She can really play the piano too!

Opening gifts was a joyous time- not because of what everyone was getting, but because of the fellowship, laughter, and just being together.

The gifts everyone brought were even crazier than Daniel's sweater.  I think I would have liked to take this one home! (that would be graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, y'all!)

I listened to everyone chatter while we ate tacos and chili.  Some had their Bibles opened discussing missions; others talked about their studies; and others played games.

Naturally, it was pretty late when we had our fill of laughter and Christmas goodies and headed out of the woods to go home.  I have this memory though of making my first new college friends.
          Can you spot me in the picture?


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