Saturday, December 7


Today we welcomed a new addition to our house... Willy.

Straight from the halls of Utah Valley University, Willy has made his way through the bitter cold of Utah (it was 1 degree when we checked this morning), and through many other freezing States covered with snow and ice, as he journeyed in the cold truck to get to our place.

Meet Willy - the mascot of UVU.

It was rainy and in the 50's today here, so he was grateful to get inside and meet us in person.

Willy will be joining us as we travel to various churches to tell them of the thousands of students at Utah Valley University who need to hear the truth about salvation.

He already knows some of the 'good and moral' kids who attend classes there and assures us that there are both American and International students waiting for clear understanding about our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Along with unbelievers, there are those who are young in the faith and need to be discipled.

As we follow God's leading to our new campus ministry, Willy has decided to join us as we raise the needed amount to serve at UVU.

Check back to follow the travels of Willy and hear of God's work in our lives!

Mike and Sharon


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