Monday, January 6

Life Purpose Boot Camp

Take the Word of God,

eighteen college students passionate about the Savior;

one man, passionate about equipping them 
to make a difference on their campus,

with a group of teachable college students who are willing to give a whole day
before their first day of classes to soak it all in,

and you have Life Purpose Bible Fellowship 'Boot Camp'.

The little church we are attending has a ministry on the campus of UGA.
Some of the students attending the Bible study there are desirous
to take the Word and make an impact on campus.

Though not everyone in boot camp was from the same college, 
it was evident that these are not willing to be 
just another silent student walking around campus.

Pastor Matt took them through some boot camp basics 
that included areas such as:
Yielding to the Spirit, being filled with the Spirit 
and being filled with the Word.

Michael was asked to share the teaching of
being a Confidently Asking Christian- a detailed look at personal prayer.

Though college students are known for little sleep, 
wild schedules, and little time for themselves, 

he urged them to make a section of their day completely set aside for talking with the Father.

We shared a simple meal together

took short coffee breaks and had opportunities to respond to questions 
to aid in their desire to make this very packed day 
different than just 'another class'...

so they could be prepared to be more than just 'another' average college student.

We delved into the concept of Corporate, or Team Prayer
and then spent some time practicing what we learned.

The last session before the evening worship service was 
The Courageous Christian- sharing Jesus with others without fear.

Before the preaching of the Word, some of the students shared
with the entire Church Body how they found the Bible study on campus, 
and what it means to them. 

Though Michael and I know it to be true, 
hearing the testimonies and heart-felt praises to God, 
was another evident reminder that 
investing your life into college students on a secular campus
has greater possibilities in the vision of world-wide missions than first meets the eye. 

Boot Camp ended with the college students on the front rows in the sanctuary
with the Body praying for specifically for these students.
The men gathered around the guys and prayed individually for them.
On the other side, women gathered around the girls and one by one, 
prayed for specific needs each girl had.

At the end of the day, we crashed into bed, exhausted, but rejoicing that 
God can take an 'average' college student
and with His extraordinary love,
make them into one of His jewels!



  1. So glad for the Lord's working in these lives! What potential for our wonderful Savior!!

  2. Thanks, Sharon& Mike. This looks so exciting. Maybe we will be able to do something like that some day. We're praying for you, too. Thanks for your prayers and faithfulness. Love you. :*)


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