Tuesday, January 28


A few days ago we headed out on the Georgia roads for a Couples Marriage Retreat.
Destination... Tennessee.

We are always grateful for opportunities to reinforce our marriage
under godly preaching, sweet fellowship,
 and some time for paying attention to the important 'stuff'.

We soon were driving in the hills of North Carolina.

Around a bend was this big guy -

reinforcing his winter coat with a nutritious lunch. 

I am fairly certain he cannot read,
but the sign reinforced our awareness of him.  :)

Soon the roads took on the winter look.

The rocky forest wall was decorated with frozen waterfalls
midst the evergreen trees.

More than one tunnel had been carved out of these majestic hills.

The views from the widow were beautiful!

The cool temperature of 7* degrees reinforced my decision
to stay inside the car, though I could have lingered for a hundred photos.

Finally, the little creek half frozen, half gurgling along the roadside 
as we drove through the forest, 
eventually called loud enough for me to hop out an snap a picture.  

I think I was back in the car in less than fifteen seconds!

We made it safely to Tennessee and had a wonderful time
at the marriage retreat, connecting with old friends, 
listening to the power of the Word of God, singing together, 
and fellowshiping with others who know the importance 
of reinforcing our relationship with our mates.

(They snapped this memory for us one morning.)

How delightful to have 27 years together!


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