Tuesday, January 21

Willy Travels

Sunday I went on another adventure with Mike and Sharon.

We traveled through the North Georgia Mountains to speak in a church in Blairsville, Georgia.

It was cold but lovely day.  (I guess I am going to have to get a coat to put over my basketball jersey!)

The road was super curvy and the mountains are different from where I hail from in Utah.  Beautiful icicles and mini frozen waterfalls hung off the rocks on some of the bends in the road.

We made it safely to the church where everyone started hugging Mike and Sharon.  It was my first time there, but many of the people still remembered Mike and Sharon from when they first met this delightful church body about thirteen years ago!

We had a great time telling them what God is doing on the university campuses in America. Everyone was very attentive while we explained how students in Utah are waiting to hear the Gospel.

I am so grateful that faithful people in the mountains of Georgia have a passion that the Truth finds its way around the world!

Thanks for praying, Blairsville!


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