Thursday, January 30

Willy Travels

Hi Everybody!  It's me, Willy again.

Last Sunday I had the privilege of traveling to Alabama!
Mike and Sharon were speaking at a church in Huntsville and I got to come along.

This was my first time at the church but I can see why 
Mike and Sharon love everybody there so much... 
I met some really special people.

Steve and Naomi posed with me for a photo.
I wonder if I should have gotten their autograph.

I heard them say how much they pray for Mike and Sharon
and how excited they are that God is leading them to Utah.
Every missionary should have friends like Steve and Naomi; 
prayer is so vital!

Pastor Rick and his wife (right) are very gracious 
and I am so glad they are a part of Mike and Sharon's ministry. 
Even in trials they follow the Lord.  
What a good example for me.

Dr. Binney preached while we were there. 
(He is the one that spoke at the Marriage Retreat Mike and Sharon went to.)

There were many other families that cared for us while we were there.
Some provided meals, others shared encouraging words,
and others shared prayer needs that we can pray for.

Mike and Sharon love that, because we are all on the same team!

They gave this delightful basket of fresh fruit and treats to them...
it was taller than I am!
Mike said he would share with me.  :)

If you are ever in Huntsville, let me know and I will tell you how to get to the church.  You will definitely want to take the time to pause for worship and fellowship with these very special people.

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